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Review: Supernatural Drama-Thriller Thelma

Thelma review
Thelma (Eili Harboe)

 Thrilling paranormal lesbian romance


Written by: Marit Feddema

Thelma review by team

Shown at the 61st BFI London Film Festival is the film Thelma. This Norwegian supernatural drama-thriller film is directed by Joachim Trier a far relation to Lars von Trier, and was selected as the Norwegian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards.

Thelma, played by Eili Harboe, is a shy and young biology student. She lives away from her strict family for the first time to study at a university in Oslo, although her parent’s influence remains visible. While studying at the library Thelma meets Anja (Kaya Wilkins) and experiences an unexpected seizure. As the term continues she falls in love with her beautiful classmate. Slowly, Thelma finds out that she has supernatural powers that affect Anja and Thelma’s family. As it emerges, she has to confront dark secrets from her own past. The film portrays suppressed sexuality and paranormal activity, in a beautiful Norwegian landscape.

Thelma review
Thelma (Eili Harboe) and Anja (Kaya Wilkins)

Thelma is a exhilarating and strange movie. As you’re taken to the past of Thelma’s life where some tragic secrets are revealed. You want to know how her supernatural powers will affect her and the people around her. The story is beautifully filmed with usual Norwegian darkness, but a bit long and too elaborate at times.

Thelma is definitely worth watching. A chilling, and fascinating paranormal thriller!

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