Review: BASE Defying Gravity Docu-Fiction


 Docu fiction defying the laws of gravity


By: Monika Pundzaite

base review

Base review: British Filmmaker Richard Parry (Shooting Robert King, A Night in the Woods) has made this docu-fiction where all characters are played by pro-B.A.S.E. athletes.

Base features real life BASE jumper Carlos Briceño Schutte in the role of Chico and Alexander Polli ( 1985-2016) the Italian-Norwegian world-class wingsuit BASE jumping pioneer, who tragically died only 31 years old before the film was released, is JC. It also features the up and coming French actress Julie Dray (Cradle to Grave, Breaking the Bank) that plays Ash the lover of Chico.
The movie is full of amazing yet at the same time a terrifying sky diving shots as they launch from iconic exit points around the globe, including a the Christ Statue in Rio. Shot with a GoPro attached to the jumper’s helmet. In general the movie relies heavily on dramatic GoPro shots and it also helps to develop the story. The point of view shots soaring down from the highest mountain tops, to the sea are simply breathtaking.


base review


The film follows Carlos and Alexander on their pursuit of base jumping. However the plot gets a bit complicated when a love triangle develops as JC falls in love with Ash Carlos girlfriend. The best way  to win the competition for both of them is to compete in something that they know the best – BASE jumping. Fly lower, closer, faster…

“The movie is full of amazing yet at the same time a terrifying shots”

Everything gets a bit mixed up between these amazing shots, adrenaline pumped jumps and the drama following the relationship, love and jealousy. JC  films the pieces of his life then edits them back together, desperate to make sense of it all, and the audience follow the story of these people through their GoPro lens.



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