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Review: Psychological thriller Broken Vows

Broken Vows Movie - Tara (Jaimie Alexander) Michael (Cam Gigandet))


Obsession, desire and betrayal. Innocent charm turns into madness and delusion.



Bram Coppens psychological thriller Broken Vows featuring Jaimie Alexander (Blindspot, Thor), Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games, Interstellar) and Cam Gigandet (Twilight, Burlesque) follows a soon to be married couple Tara (Jaimie Alexander) and Michael (Cam Gigandet). However what looks to be a perfect life soon takes a drastic turn.


Patrick (Wes Bentley) was an innocent looking bartender at a bar where Tara and some of her girlfriends were having a bachelorette party and what looked like a fun night out quickly turned into an scary obsession now threatening the her love, family and her own life. Patrick is convinced that Tara is the love of his life and is willing to fight anything in order to get her back. Now not only Tara, but the people around her, people that she cares about are involved too. Patrick past bring even more panic to the whole situation and questions how to pursue further.


Broken Vows Movie - Patrick (Wes Bentley) and Tara (Jaimie Alexander)


Broken Vow is a directorial debut for Bram Coppens and at some point of the film it gets a bit hard to connect to the characters and a very blunt questions “Why you just don’t call the police?” pops into your head. The movie lacks a surprise factor, something unexpected that is lurking for the unsuspecting viewer. However cast brings a life to the story. Lacking something different compared to previous made movies with a similar plot, the whole story lies heavily on the actors and their ability to embody the characters.

The movie manages to feel audience uneasy at times and wonder how to get away from this kind of situation. Its a good Halloween season watch.



Broken Vows Movie - Image from the Movie - Burning Car


Film Credits:

Director: Bram Coppens
Writers: Jim Agnew, Sean Keller
Stars: Wes Bentley, Jaimie Alexander, Cam Gigandet
Genre: Thriller
Language: English



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