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Theatrical Release: Sometimes Always Never

Set For Early 2019 Release

Sometimes Always Never – A widowed tailor Alan (Bill Nighy), just can’t let go of his son Michael, who after a heated scramble left the home and never came back. Tirelessly for years, he has been searching for his lost boy damaging the already fallen apart family even more. Finding little hints in everyday life that reminds him of scramble, Alan believes that he can find Michael. Peter (Sam Riley), Alan’s younger son now is a father himself, doesn’t have the best relationship with his father. After a decade of searching Peter fells in the shadow of the long lost brother. While temporarily staying with Peter, his wife Sue (Alice Lowe) and their son (Louis Healy) already tense relationship reaches a critical phase. Obsessed with online Scramble Alan meets a virtual player who’s style of game seems very familiar, maybe even too much…

Sometimes Always Never - Still from the movie with actor Bill Nighy
Sometimes Always Never – Still from the movie with actor Bill Nighy

Bill Nighy embodies the character of a lonely father, struggling to communicate and looking for anything that could lead him to his lost son to the highest standards. Despite a quite unique style of storytelling and at times making it hard to connect with the characters and their experiences the movie is full of simple, but sometimes forgotten or ignored life lesson. Released during London Film Festival 2018, the movie has grabbed attention for it’s cold and detached style mixed together with old banter humor.

Films and Goldfinch Studios, along with distribution partner The Movie Partnership, have confirmed that comedy-drama Sometimes Always Never will be released in UK Cinemas from Friday 22nd February 2019. The movie will also be available digitally from 25th of February.


The Trailer for Sometimes Always Never:


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