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DRM.AM brings you the DREAM team

Aiming to bringing interviews and multimedia content to a worldwide audience online. Interviews, with celebrities and interesting personalities from the area of film, Music and fashion events mainly in London but also further afield.

Dawid Warchol: Camera

Vanessa Dassi: Blogger

Monika Pundzaite: Camera and Editor

Ebba Eriksson: Blogger

 Who are we

DRM.AM is using the power of social media and user content provision, and the style of a celebrity news blog and magazine.DRM.AM is the brainchild of Emanuele Galloni, also CEO for Videoplugger Ltd. who drawing on the contacts established working in the showbiz media for 10 years set out to start DRM.AM. Drm.am is still at heart about interviewing interesting people such as Leonardo diCaprio, Quentin Tarantino, the late director Anthony Minghella and Softcell’s David Ball to entertain our audience anywhere.

joanne froggatt starfish premiere
Joanne Froggatt at Starfish premiere

The team behind DRM.AM is Videoplugger ltd. the leading independent news agency. Our international team of bloggers and editors will bring to DRM.AM their in depth knowledge of the international news, celebrity and sports world.

DRM.AM is a dream project born from the vision of Emanuele to perform in depth interviews with people that have a great story to tell.

DRM.AM features a blog with videoclips, photos and articles written by our cosmopolitan team of editors and bloggers, DRM.AM focuses on reporting from the London entertainment scene. Events from the London film festival to Cinema made in Italy, and loads of movie premieres, performances and concerts throughout the year.

Are you a budding blogger, fashionista, film connoisseur or fancy yourself a journalist then we need you! Would you like to contribute to this exciting venture, with articles or recordings please contact us on news@drm.am or contact us via  our Facebook group.

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