Norwegian showcase DVD/ stærk

“Staerk” (“strong”) is a DVD of Norwegian visual talents that includes shorts, music videos photography and graphics. The DVD is released by the Norwegian embassy in UK on the 100 year anniversary of Norways independance from IKEA land.
It’s an eclectic collection of work, some plain stock of the trade blond-beautiful-vixen-and-sad popsinger-video such as Johannes Helgelands piece, others such as Akffs inventive seemingly lo-fi flash video for Jaga Jazzists (Ninja Tune) involving animals with the heads of the bandmembers . Akkf consists ofTrista Namo and Fel Roch graduates from Norwegian college of Art and Design, and with this promo they have created a comically quirky video that really enhance the electronic music.
Another one I like alot is Mazel Tower Mosik Moviz video by its elegant and use of 8mm and silent film theme. To get the look of old silent movie they used steelbrushes and volcanic stone to distort the image, wich is a relief for all digital filter tired eyes.

In the shortfilm section you find more slick pieces such as the confusing but touching “Hjemsokt” (Spooked) featuring a grown man trapped in a little boys body brilliantly acted with a twist, that made us argue about the possible meaning.
Debut film maker Endre Skandfer impressed with his 1984 esque animated moral tale with a nice mix of photorealist backgrounds and opaque coloured characters.
A not so fresh talent is Tomas Hilland whos CV includes FrenchVogue and London design company Mother, his very short film follows the reverse history of a cow and is both a vegetarian activist film and a clever film idea.
The graphics and photographic section works less well on the DVD format unluckily for the featured Norwegian darling Kim Hjortøy who is a multi medial artist cum musician/ illustrator, but his graphics still charm.
You can order the DVD from the site.

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