has received several awards as best band website by online organizations. Depeche Modes themselves have been known since the 80’s for using cutting edge tools to communication with their fans. Bong! their fanzine published for years (until internet eventually took over) is a great example.

Beside the B2C promotion and communication, I am impressed by the multi-purpose full TV coverage of their last presser in Düsseldorf, Germany (June 16th). In one go, they manage to hit both the fans and the media, allowing all those unlucky reporters who weren’t there to enjoy their own brand of British irony.

The conference announced the upcoming tour 2005/2006 and gave the chance to the German press to ask any sort of questions to the band.

“Pain and more pain!” That’s what the new songs are going to be about, according to Dave Gahan.

“Pain in the ass!” suggested a German journalist (as the title for the new album).

And waiting is painful. Genially, the title of the album was not announced during the press conference. Apparently there wasn’t one yet… until today.

With a big question mark, the new album is going to be called “Playing The Angel”.
But true to their promise one of the songs is called “A Pain That I Used To Be”.

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