O.K. it’s not just another crazy urban legend, it’s the flat out truth: DivX and MVWire.com are collaborating to bring you what just may very well be the world’s best music video contest ever.

It’s the big music video event of 2005, and you can bet that the grand prize winner will walk away with way more than a refrigerator magnet.

Who are the contenders? Well, for starters, they are interested in submissions from talented video industry professionals: video content creators for the music and entertainment industries, production house professionals, directors and cinematographers.

They are also keen on seeing the work of inspired individuals who shoot video with passion and creativity, even if you’re totally unknown. Think of it as your big chance to throw off the shackles of obscurity, if you’re into that kind of thing.

About MVWire
Music Video Wire is the resource for Music Video Industry news, interviews and educational content. MVWire’s goal is to help bridge the gap between independent artists, bands, and industry professionals in order to bring new voices and visions into the field.

About DivX, Inc.
DivX, Inc. is a consumer-focused video technology company positioned at the center of multimedia convergence. The company’s core offering is the DivX(R) video codec, among one of the world’s most popular video compression technologies with over 200 million users worldwide.

The DivX MVWire Music Video Contest will target high-quality music videos entered by independent filmmakers, with the finalists chosen by industry professionals and the final ratings voted by the viewers.

Submissions will be open from July 13 to August 3 and viewers will be able to vote on the finalists from September 7 to October 5. The final awards, determined by both viewers and video professionals will be announced on October 10. Prizes include DivX Certified Consumer Electronics devices and DivX Certified Software applications provided by DivX partners including Roxio, Plextor, LG Electronics, NHJ, LaCie and IO-Data. Winning videos will be available for download in their entirety in DVD-quality DivX video to a global audience. Viewers will be able to watch the winning films on any PC or on televisions through one of 20 million DivX Certified consumer electronics devices available from most major manufacturers.

“For the first time, music video makers have the chance to distribute their work in the highest level of visual quality to music and film lovers all over the world,” said Will Brown, of MVWire. “The DivX MVWire Music Video Contest is a unique and exciting opportunity for truly independent bands and video directors to get their vision out there, with no pre-set rules or parameters. And with the finalist videos hosted on www.divx.com, the audience itself will get to interact with the artists and reward the best videos.”

“This contest offers an exciting new cinematic experience for music video makers and music video fans alike,” said Jerome “Gej” Rota, Co-founder of DivX, Inc. “Leveraging an installed base of over 20 million DivX Certified DVD players around the world, independent filmmakers will now be able to reach much larger audiences at very little cost. We look forward to seeing some great submissions.”

For more information on rules and regulations, visit www.divx.com/movies/mvwire .

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