Community Channel is the only TV station in the UK dedicated to wholly to support good causes. It uses the power of television to create a positive action in viewers’ lives and in the society.

Community Channel is a place for viewers to engage with real life issues, find out more information and give time, energy, opinions, skills or money directly to the causes showcased.

The Channel broadcasts 24 hours a day, every day, on Sky Digital 585, Telewest Channel 233 and NTL channels 14 and 511. The Channel is also shown on Freeview 46 from 6am to 9am, everyday. The Channel is available free to 13 million digital households and has 33 million potential viewers.

Community Channel haw forged partnerships with charities – for example, Breast Cancer Uncovered, Autism Awareness – and MadforArts. Every evening until late the channel shows films made by or for young people and run edgier films and documentaries.

A great opportunity given by Community Channel has become part of the television project collaborating in the production of the programmes.

Basically, Community Channel gives the possibility to be involved in the production of its content: using a new praxis in the distribution process it is possible have new programmes not losing time. Everybody can create new content for the channel and with basic knowledge of some editing programmes anyone can produce content for the channel, the next step is to transfer the material from the producer to the channel.

There are some companies, operating on the internet, for example that have platforms which fill out the gap between producer and distributor. A single producer of content, for example a production company anywhere in the world involved in anything from a cinema premiere to a music festival, creates a video containing audio and images (i.e. a multimedia press kit) that describes the event and they need a fast internet connection to upload these material to an Internet Platform for multimedia contents.

This process is useful for TV network who are in need of content since it is impossible to provide a full coverage of every single event around the world. If you go to you only have the embarrassment to choose what content you would like to have for your network. This procedure of data transfer by internet permit the Media outlet to save a lot of money in ‘delivery charges’.

From ”Community Channel wants to hear from our viewers – if you would like more information on their programming, details of how to get involved or a positive story to tell about volunteering then call on 08708 505 500 or e-mail:

If you’re a filmmaker with a cause and you’ve made something inspirational, challenging or simply entertaining which you think would work well on the channel, we want to hear from you. We also run charity films and features, so if you work for a charity and you want to get your story on-air we can help you make it and broadcast it.

Finally, Community Channel offers a range of tailored advertising, promotional, teleshopping, interactive and sponsorship packages to both commercial brands and not for profit organisations alike. Working directly with clients, the channel offers bespoke creative solutions across the TV channel and website, targeting the hard to reach ‘ethical viewer’ in a highly credible environment.

The channel’s parent charity, the Media Trust, can also offer a very cost effective TV production resource and has developed advertising and marketing campaigns for a range of high profile brands.For more information on advertising on the channel please contact: mailto:jeremys@communitychannel.orgor call 020 7874 7626.All our viewers can call for more information on 08708 505 500 or tell us what they think of our programming by e-mailing”

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