Helloween are coming back to UK in February with three gigs in Bradford 11/2, Glasgow 12/2 and London 13/2 for the “Keeper of the Seven Keys – The Legacy” World tour.
The German band has changed a member, the drummer Stefan Schwarzmann, who has been replaced by Dani Loeble, before starting their last album which has then been released worldwide by SPV (they separated from their long-time label Nuclear Blast) at the end of October 2005.
A couple of weeks later Helloween began their European Tour and British audience will have the chance to see them on the stage with a nearly impossible to guess play list (at least for us who haven’t been at any other gig somewhere else in Europe in the last weeks!).
The Germans will certainly have a hard life with the difficult simultaneous tasks of promoting “The Legacy” and trying to make most of their fans happy by playing the best songs that made them a power-metal legend as “Eagle Fly Free”, “The Keeper of The Seven Keys” or “Sole Survivor” just to name a few. Hopefully even the selection from the last record will make the crowd going mad.
In the double-CD “Keeper of the…” there are some very good songs in my opinion, such the epic-length “King for a 1000 Years” and “Occasion Avenue” that respectively open the 1st and 2nd CD with a spoken introduction and then guitars.
The whole first CD is a level above the previous work released in the 90s, with “The Invisible Man” and “Born on Judgement Day” is a return to the “true” power-metal sound of the band, even if we can even find “Mrs.God” that deviates from the seriousness of the other lyrics. The second CD is less useful than the first, and one can wonder, as a lot of people have, whether or not it was worth to create a double CD instead of making some harsh editorial decisions and fitting all in to one single album, but perhaps the Germans wanted to give something special to convince their fans to buy the album. After this double-cd album, only a live recording is missing, just in these days Helloween have confirmed that they are recording a DVD/CD live during this tour, so it is a good chance to say “I was there”!

Tickets for the Bradford gig can be purchased online here
Tickets for the London gig can be purchased online here

Supporting band for their shows in UK should be published soon on the official website and you will find them here on informer… but we guess it will be British “Power Quest“… anyway stay tuned!

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