THE “BOSS” IN ROME (22/07/2009)

Stadio Olimpico literally full with about 55 thousand people on the sidelines and under the stage to enjoy the legend Bruce Springsteen.
That one of Rome was the first of three stages which Springsteen has plans in Italy.
In fact, the Boss was also in Turin, 21, and finally in Udine, July 23.
3 hours of uninterrupted entertainment where Springsteen has sung many of his historical pieces and some of the songs of the recent LP “Working on a dream.”
The E Street Band in full has literally enjoyed audiences of all ages that has come for the event.
At least three generations in the crowd: together they sang songs like “Born to Run” and “She’s the One”, “The Promised Land”, “Hungry Heart” and “Dancing in the Dark”,up to “Working on a Dream”.
An evening without end, began to 22.30 (because of the swimming world championships) and ended at 1, 30.
A non-stop race that saw, as usual, the Boss continually interact with his audience, from beginning to end.
3 hours of ecstasy made of notes and emotions, with Bruce Springsteen clever and inimitable drag and conductor of the evening.
At the end room Mum of Boss, during an Irish ballad, was up on stage and danced like a twenty.
Particularly exciting song that Springsteen dedicated to earthquake of the city L’Aquila, “My City of Ruins.”
Striking, however, the performance of all components of the band, by Clarence Clemons on the saxophone and percussion, with Max Weinberg on drums, Steven Van Zandt on a guitar, mandolin, vocals.
55 thousand people in delirium danced and sang for three hours continuously with the Boss and his band in a beautiful Roman night by frame and keep forever in their memories.

Written by Lorenzo Cesarini
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