66th Venice Film Festival by Rita di Santo

Hot Stone to U.S. international politics

by Rita Di Santo

Following Fidel Castro’s doc portraits (Comandante, 2003, Looking for Fidel 20004) Oliver Stone is again in South American political territory, trying to clear up the mess generated by USA media, during Bush administration. Stone was first invited to Venezuela to meet President Hugo Chavez during his aborted rescue mission of Colombia hostages, held by FARC, during Christmas of 2007.
Then he was able to return again in 2009 to interview President Chavez in more depth.
Is Hugo Chavez really the anti-American force we‘ve been told he is?
After Venezuela the interview-tour continues to other south American countries and their leaders: Bolivian President Evo Morales, Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo, Lula da Silva (Brazil) Cristina Kirchner (Argentina), Rafael Correa (Ecuador) and Raul Castro (Cuba).
Stone does a fine job cutting the interview material with newspaper clippings and experts from CNN & FOX NEWS. The man that emerges is not the one that we have read and heard about in the U.S. media. A remarkable portrait of the countries that stand up against the capitalist polices of the US. President Bush administration is strictly condemned.
“Bush told me that US economic power has been growing thanks to the USA wars” says Argentina’s ex-President Nestor Kirchner.
gives a clear-eyed view of North America’s neglected “backyard”



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