You have Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. You don’t need anything else.
This is probably what the producers of this terrible film said to the german director who won an oscar with The Lives of Others in 2006, thinking that people would just go to see the two american superstars…and the rest does not matter.

Elise (Angelina) meets Frank (Johnny) on a train from Paris to Venice, they spend a night at the Hotel Danieli, they get involved in a few gunfights, and then they get away on a beautiful sailing boat.
Yes. I spoiled the ending. But I don’t care. It does not really matter. The Tourist has no significant plot, the acting is embarassing, and even those who go to the movies just to relax and have a good time enjoying the big screen, will find this film boring and completely nonsense.  The first twenty minutes nothing happens, then some random things happen, and finally it happens that it is better not to bother asking too many questions.  Angelina and Johnny give probably the worst performance of their career, careless, monotone, not in the mood, maybe they were put off by the deleted sex scene (thanky you Brad!) and it feels like that was the only reason they signed for The Tourist.
However, being italian the movie turned out to be unintentionally entertaining to me, thanks to random appearances of italian actors and characters who did not have any relevance for the plot, but seeing them interact with the two Hollywood icons was just surreal and funny.
Any other Christmas movie will probably be better than this one.

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