The International Guitarfestival in Balatonfüred has reached its sixth year and as always it brought the finest musicians from all around the world. The festival finale was all about the Flamenco again, and this year they had two groups:  Casi Flamenco, featuring the basic elements of the traditional flamenco representing the distinct style of palo, and Ana Cavos Társulat, where “Flamenco is singing, music and dance at the same time. There is no hierarchy of importance”.

Due to the chilly weather the organizers were afraid that this year’s Flamenco Evening would not be a big success, but the citizens of this small city proved the opposite, showing that despite the hard economic times, people are still seeking culture.

The idea of having two groups was literally perfect. Casi Flamenco was responsible for warming up the audience by slowly introducing the flamenco with passion, whereas the real breakthrough came with Ana Cavos’ first song in Hungarian, which brought Argentina and Spain to Hungary at the same time. The transcendence between Spanish and Hungarian made a great connection with the audience by creating an explosion of rhythm and emotions on stage, which made the crowd forget about the bad weather. The last song was a real outro, and it made you feel like leaving on a plane after a perfect vacation, with the sounds of the last steps on the ground, when everything stops for a second, and all eyes are on the high heels hitting the stage like never before. And when you thought everything was over, there comes the grand finale with the reunion of the two groups bringing you the streets of Andalusia with 35°celsius and shoving you inside the mysterious world of flamenco.

These two hours of money well spent would not have been possible without the hard work of devoted people in the background, which shows that Hungary is really the “World of Potentials”. The Hungarian Honor is still alive, and the country is still capable of bravery.

The website of the International Guitarfestival in Balatonfured:

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