We watched Italian Inspector Nardone over the weekend on TRUE MOVIES 2  satellite television channel showcasing a unique mix of true to life films, classic series, dramas and mini-series.

This is a crime series set in the postwar period in Milan the center character is Inspector Mario Nardone based on an a real person. Directed by Fabrizio Costa a co production by Rai and Dap Italy from 2011.

He is portrayed by aspiring would-be heart throb Sergio Assisi.
The premise is wellknown to Italian crime aficionados, Nardone is the dare devil cop, who ruffles the feathers by disregarding unwritten rules and corrupt police. He is transferred from his hometown of Avelino in the poor southern Campania to a northern more modern Milan, because he went against his superiors. Continuing in Milan in his previous manner he becomes a successful Police Inspector clearing up petty crimes, but when his investigation starts un-earthing illegal deals involving one of the most powerful people in Milan his boss gets nervous…

It features beautiful women, maffioso, lots of smoking, good espresso and Sergio Assisis handsome face with what looks like eyeliner.

There is all you need to get your Italian crime fix of the day if you have watched and loved Inspector Montalbano on BBC 4, you will already be used to the sub titles and will surely find this interesting.
One slight is that its scheduled a bit late at 11pm at night, hopefully it will get the audience this classy true period crime series deserves. For all TV schedulers out there lets have more Italian crime on prime time TV, as it deserves.

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