Sandra Bullock, Melissa McCarthy and the Crew will attend the premiere of their new movie ‘The Heat’ next week, at Curzon Mayfair, in London. Celebrities arrivals likely to be between 5.15pm and 6.15pm.

It seems to be like a funny movie!

Sandra Bullock is playing an arrogant FBI agent. None of her colleagues like her. Melissa McCaurthy is a tough patrolwomen from Boston.

Up to now their hardest job is working together!

 What to expect from this movie?

The serious but clumsy FBI agent Sarah Ashburn (Sandra Bullock) is a loner. She has no friends and is regularly ragged by their colleagues. To Take down a ruthless drug lord, who is making trouble in the city, the feisty patrolwoman Shannon Mullins (Melissa McCarthy)  from Boston is placed to her side. Sarah is not really impressed about this desicion and feels overrun. Also Shannon is not be pleased to work with her new colleague. Shannon also has problems with interpersonal relationships as well as Sarah and never had a partner. One combines the guardians of the law – both have a weird way to combat the crime. In their hunt for the Russian drug lord the chaos goes on.


By Derya Eskin

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