The science fiction comedy the World’s End directed by Edgar Wright and written by Simon Pegg and Wright, has arrived in the cinema yesterday, the 10th of July 2013. The Premiere was held in London at Leicester Square at the Empire Cinema. The most important celebrities of the film showed up which made the atmosphere amazing.

Director Edgar Wright made the start on the red carpet at  6.10 pm. He did some interviews and took some pictures with fans, but unfortunately he disappeart quit fast. Some minutes later Simon Pegg left his silver Mercedes, the audience was excited, fans were screaming and  shouting.

Furthermore Paddy Considine and Nick Frost attended the Premiere. They were really communicative and tried to satisfy as much fans as possible. They took the time to speak to some of them and to give autographs.

At 5.20pm the beautiful Rosamund Mary Elizabeth Pike was arriving on the red carpet. Fans were getting more and more excited. She was really nice, spent a lot of time with their fans and smiled the whole time.

Fans were getting crazy to be so close to her.With all these stars the Premiere of the World’s End at Leicester Square became a unique experience.

By Natalie Kim Treuter

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