Idris Elba at long walk to freedom premiere

Mandela, A Long Walk To Freedom

by: Marianne Lehmann

Prince William, Kate Middleton and Daughter Zindzi Mandela heard of Nelson Mandelas death at the UK Premiere of the film”Mandela, A Long Walk To Freedom” With Idris Elba portraying Mandela.

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Yesterday, the UK premiere for the film “Mandela, A Long Walk To Freedom” took place at Leicester Square in London. The film depicts the story of the extraordinary life and rise of Nelson Mandela. After 27 long years in prison, where Mandela never ceased to be friendly with his jail guards and persecutors against all the odds, he was released 1990 after worldwide protests about the conditions of his incarceration and the inhuman conditions. He became the first black president of South Africa four years after his release from jail – marking a turning point for South Africa by fighting against the apartheid, the poverty, the constant treat of HIV and for more human rights and consideration…constantly working at making the world a better place. Before the film started fans and visitors were not aware that Mandela had died. His daughter Zindzi gave an interview telling the reporter that she hoped to spend some more time with her father and how much he meant to her. Kate Middleton and Prince William attended the red carpet and were informed about Mandelas death inside the cinema while watching the film. Prince William spoke to the fans after the Premiere, saying that they were just reminded of what an extraordinary and inspiring man Nelson Mandela was and that their thoughts and prayers were with him and his family right now. To see the original text on the bbc site click here:

The Chicago Tribune states: “The loss of a figure famous as a peacemaker comes at a time when South Africa, which basked in global goodwill when apartheid ended, has been experiencing bloody labour unrest, growing protests against poor services, poverty, crime and unemployment and corruption scandals tainting Zuma’s rule.” For more, click here:

The New York Times compares him to Ghandi by saying the following: “He was one of the most extraordinary liberation leaders Africa, or any other continent, ever produced. Not only did he lead his people to triumph over the deeply entrenched system of apartheid that enforced racial segregation in every area of South African life; he achieved this victory without the blood bath so many had predicted and feared.” To see the whole article click here:

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Zindzi Mandela Interview

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Kate and William at UK Premiere of Mandela: A long Walk To Freedom

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Naomie Harris and Idris Elba interview at the premiere of Mandela movie

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