Will Ferrell

The UK premiere of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

by Gülcan Tuysuz and Marianne Lehmann

Will Ferrell

The movie “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is starring Will Ferell as Ron Burgundy, Steve Carrell as the weather expert Brick Tamland, Christina Applegate as the wife of Ron, Paul Rudd as a street reporter Brian Fatana and David Koechner in the role of a sport expert called Champ Child.

Ron is at his career low point after his success in the 1970s with his team. He works now as a moderator in a dolphin show at a theme park. However he gets the chance from representatives of the new around-the-clock-channel GNN to revive the legendary “Action 4 News Team” and moderate a news show in New York.

Guelcan Tuysuz

The premiere of Anchorman 2 took place in Leicester Square in London. Despite the freezing cold weather the whole cast (except of Jim Carey) showed up, looking gorgeous and all smiles. Christina Applegate whipped some feelings up of her screaming fans in an elegant dusky pink colored lace dress,  huge pink earrings and a golden bun were framing her face. The Express says as following about the dress: “Christina Applegate steals the show in figure hugging gown at Anchorman 2 premiere”.

To read the article about it, click here But also dailymail is has not missed to comment about the actresses, in particular about how Meagan Goods dress looked like. More about it here.

Will Ferell was wearing a grey tweed suit adapting his look to the British Gentlemans look, but could not stop himself from playing a prank telling the public that there were free burgers available in the Burger King nearby. Alex Zane took the usual role as presenter and conducted the interviews in a carefree and laid back style, a master of his business, while well known British comedians like Ron Burgundy were ensuring a constant amusement of the public. The premiere of Anchorman 2: The Legend continues was therefore a full success.

Marianne Lehmann


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