20000 days on earth london premiere

20,000 days being Nick Cave!

 By: Stefan Hessling/Marco Savoia

Nick Cave at 20,000 Days on Earth premiere

October is almost at the door, and that means more movies and Premieres. Last night the Videoplugger team attended one of them. At the Barbican Centre was the long awaited 20,000 Days on Earth london premiere: a movie about a fictitious day in the life of Nick Cave. It’s a particular film: Nick co-wrote the screenplay together with the directors Jane Pollard and Iain Forsyth, he was also in charge for the music with his pal Warren Ellis and, last but not least he played the main character: HIMSELF!
Numerous media representatives turned up to 20000 Days on Earth london premiere lured maybe by the VIP guest list, wanting to catch a peek of the stars. They arrived amid a flurry of camera flashes; Nick Cave was showing up with four members of his band, the Bad Seeds. George Vjestica, Jim Sclavunos, Warren Ellis and Barry Adamson. Other big stars such as John Hurt, Bill Wyman former Rolling Stones bassist and Matt Helders were also attending the event.

We even had the great opportunity to ask a couple of questions to the master himself. Nick once said “ lyrics have to contain melancholy”, so we wanted to know if it’s the same with screenwriting. In his opinion is a different matter:

“Song writing is a very good form to project melancholy through. Cinema is a great form for violence.”

For him the on screen violence is something which can’t be projected via songs and their lyrics.

Warren Ellis told us , that he will stick to composing and doesn’t want to switch to the field of acting. In his opinion he wasn’t born for acting, he would be such a terrible actor! Also Barry Adamson is more comfortable with his role as a bass player, and for him the experience of working on the film and going to gala screenings is extremely exciting.

The 20000 Days on Earth london premiere was a success and we can’t wait to see the movie. We are curious to see if what Nick Cave says on violence on screen will be part of the film!

 20,000 Days on Earth is on general release from Friday 19th of September.
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