WILD Premiere – 58th BFI London Film Festival 

By Alisa Narbutas


Review of Wild with Reese Witherspoon that premiered at the London Film Festival.
I think we’ve all faced a point in our lives, when dealing with difficult personal issues, maybe the best way out would have been to ran off somewhere and just figure it all out on our own. Enjoying the nature and quietness around us, just concentrating on what’s really important.

Let’s be honest here, only small amounts of people really have the courage to do exactly that and one of them was brave Cheryl Strayed. After a failed marriage, heroin use and many other catastrophic events, Cheryl decided to make a change, leading her to a 3-month solo-hiking trip on – none other than the Pacific Crest Trail.

Based on the Bestseller “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail” written by Cheryl Strayed herself, she teamed up with author Nick Hornby to create the script for the film “Wild” which premiered last night at the BFI London Film Festival. With Reese Witherspoon as Cheryl Strayed and Academy Nominee Jean-Marc Vallée as the Director, its no surprise – this film is a must see!

We had the chance to exclusively chat up with Author Nick Hornby, Producer Bruna Papandrea and the gorgeous American blonde – Reese Witherspoon.

Talking to Bestseller Author Nick Hornby we discovered that working with Cheryl on the script included a lot of trust and no interference at all from her side, but also his own personal pressure to make it good.

When a story is this personal and that good, it puts a lot of pressure on you [writing the script]”

(Nick Hornby on writing the script with Cheryl Strayed )

Reese explained that her preparation for the film was actually based on “not to be prepared”, which meant no exercising and no hiking at all – so her character Cheryl seems as authentic as in the book. Also she had a lot of contact with the real Mrs. Strayed and spent about a week together, just preparing and talking about the script.

She was there nearly everyday on the set, so that was really helpful”

(Reese Witherspoon on working with the real Cheryl Strayed)

When asked what about the script made her want to play the part, the blonde actress said its about “bearing the unbearable in life” and the way Cheryl is directing that to the audience trough her story.

We ultimately have to save ourselves because, no one is going to come in and save your life.”

(Reese Witherspoon on the script of Cheryl Strayed’s story)

To watch the full Interview with Author and Producer check out the Video below.

wild premiere london film festival

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