Foxcatcher London Premiere

Foxcatcher London Premiere

By Alisa Narbutas

Foxcatcher Premiere London

If Americans love one thing, it’s patriotic sports men who fill their hearts with the joy of winning gold medals. No wonder Marc Schultz’s story caught the attention of Moneyball Director Bennett Miller.

“Coach is the father. Coach is a mentor. Coach has great power on athlete’s life.”

(John du Pont, from the Trailer)

The 80’s Drama is based on the true story of Marc Schultz, a professional Olympic Wrestler whose life changes dramatically by meeting eccentric Sponsor John Du Pont. Du Pont is obsessed with the idea of starting a Olympic US wrestling Team in order to win a Olympic gold medal. Doing everything in his power to improve the quality of his wrestling team. The self called “Golden Eagle” hires Marc’s toughest rival, brother Dave as the team’s assistant coach.

With this absolutely brilliant cast and story behind it, I already had high expectations and as it turns out – I wasn’t disappointed. Steve Carell, which we are used to seeing in comedy films or series like the Office, takes on a whole different genre and shows us that he can be more than just “the funny guy”.

Channing Tatum challenged himself with the role of main character Marc Schultz, leaving all of his past Hollywood Blockbuster performances behind. Marc isn’t a man of many words so Tatum had to deliver nearly every emotion through his facial expression. Tough battle for every actor, but Channing managed it with the authenticity that makes the film so brilliant.

It’s safe to say that this film, will definitely be on the hunt for some Academy Awards! So better start making free space in your trophy room Mr John du Pont (Steve Carell).

We had the chance to attend last nights Foxcatcher Premiere at the London Film Festival held in Leicester Square. Even though Steve Carell was mega busy signing for fans and turning his back on the press, we heard that his transformation into John Du Pont took nearly 3 hours every morning, making him look like the real character back in the eighties.

Director Bennett Miller explained that the mood on set was quiet intense as it was a challenge for everybody to put this shocking story on screen as authentically as possible.

“There were no high fives, or jokes on set”

(Director Bennett Miller)

Below you can see the Foxcatcher cast arriving at the Red Carpet.

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