cinema made in italy 2015

 Cinema made in Italy 2015

cinema made in italy 2015
The Mafia Kills Only in Summer

The film festival ‘Cinema made in Italy‘ will be back in London 5th – 9th of March 2015. It will be held at Ciné Lumière in South Kensington organised by the Promotion Office (Filmitalia) of Istituto Luce Cinecittà.

It offers a 5-day showcase of the best recent Italian productions followed by Q&As with visiting filmmakers, allowing for audience participation and vibrant exchange. As in previous years there is a great diverse line-up ahead:

GREENERY WILL BLOOM AGAIN by Ermanno Olmi, a dramatic film about World War I in Italy’s mountains.

9X10 NOVANTA – A short film project by nine Italian directors, each of them using ten minute footage.

PERFIDIA by Bonifacio Angius about a distanced father-son relationship.

THE ICE FOREST is a thriller made by Claudio Noce about intrigue and a dark criminal secret of an Italian town.

THE MAFIA KILLS ONLY IN SUMMER by Pierfrancesco Diliberto aka Pif is a film about Arturo, who was born on the same day Mafioso Vito Ciancimino was elected mayor of Palermo. A date that will have a constant effect on his life. – A comic take on the mafia’s influence on life in modern days.

GOOD FOR NOTHING – A comedy made by Gianni Di Gregorio about Gianni a civil servant who is about to retire, but has to work three more years due to a new policy. Gianni is transferred to the outskirts of Rome and has to do actual work. Even though it is not how he imaged his last years at work, he makes new friends and discovers a new side of himself.

DARKER THAN MIDNIGHT by Sebastiano Riso about a young boy who runs away because his father is constantly tormenting him. The runaway finds new friends in a group of homosexuals.

SO FAR SO GOOD is a film by Roan Johnson. The story is about five students who walk done memory lane and tell old, funny and emotional anecdotes.

THE LACK – This film was directed by Nicolo Massazza aka Masbedo to present four variations on the theme of ‘failure’. Each protagonist finds herself in a mysterious natural setting and undertakes a journey of self-discovery.

But the film that came to our attention is QUIET BLISS.

Cinema made in Italy 2015
Barbara De Matteis, Laura Licchetta, Celeste Casciaro in ‘Quiet Bliss’


A film about three women who need to find a new way of income. When moving to the countryside they discover a new self-sufficient lifestyle find new strength and happiness.
After watching the film we will have an interview with the director of the film: Edoardo Winspeare. Edoardo, who was born in Austria, is an Italian director, screenwriter and actor. He is also known for his work in Life Blood and Plucked.

The team will meet up with Edoardo Winspeare to talk to him about his new movie Quiet Bliss and also its main actress Celeste Casciaro, they will also meet the director of The Mafia Kills Only in Summer Pierfrancesco Diliberto screenwriter Michele Astori, and the Good for nothing actress Valentina Lodovini, all at the ‘Cinema made in Italy 2015’ festival.

Check it out yourself! Quiet Bliss will be shown at Ciné Lumière in South Kensington on Saturday 7th March at 8.50pm, The Mafia Kills Only in Summer is shown Saturday 7th March 6.30pm, and Good for nothing is on Sunday 8th March 6.15pm.

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