By: Marco Savoia

cinema made in italy

The annual festival of Cinema Made in Italy is over for this time, DRM was there following the event talking to directors and actors.

The focuse this year was on comedy like the main film The Mafia Kills Only In Summer directed by Pierfrancesco Diliberto (aka PIF). We managed to get an interview with him and the screenwriter Michele Astori and chat about this first outstanding performance of the duo.
”We were wondering if it was right doing a comedy about Mafia, we were worried about how the parents or sibilings of the victims could react about scenes involving their loved ones.”Michele Astori admits. The Mafia Kills Only In Summer indeed, manages to do the unthinkable, it deals with the topic of Mafia in a humorous but never silly way. Following the early life of Arturo (portrayed by Pif who’s also co-writer and director) the spectator can feel how his entire life was influenced by the presence of the mafia. The movie is truly astonishing, vibrant, funny and at the same time touching.

cinema made in italy

We also watched Quiet Bliss and had the great opportunity to interview the director and main actress: Edoardo Winspeare and Celeste Casciaro. Husband and wife in real life, the couple gives us a lovely and personal description of Salento: following the story of a family devastated by the economical crisis. Four women, of four different generations; grandmother, 2 daughters and the young grandchild, find serenity in the old values of the family. “I wanted to give more importance to the women then men in this movies, because I think women are stronger in difficult situation like the one in the movie”, states Edoardo, “The movie is about hope, even in very difficult moments of life, there is always hope”. Last but not least we watched the funny comedy Good for Nothing directed by Gianni Di Gregorio, a director who became famous just a few years ago with Mid-August Lunch. Di Gregorio presents his latest project, he has returned to his favourite field: comedy. The story is of a 60 years old man, close to retirement, who has always been exploited by family members and colleagues, who needs to learn how to say NO and gain people’s respect.

cinema made in italy
We also managed to interview Valentina Lodovini, who plays in the movie Cinzia, one of the colleague of Gianni: “It was beautiful to work with Gianni, he always pay’s attention to detail and he is such a gentleman. I hope the public will like the movie, there is a great need to laugh in this moment”. Well, we definitely can agree to that.

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