fashion backstage shoot

Fashion films, and fashion backstage video helps promote brands in a creative way.

By: Alexandra Burlaud

Today, fashion films are trendy, they connect fashion and the art of cinema and it is another way to experience fashion, a brand or a designers collection.

Viewed more and more on the internet and requested by designers and fashion companies, fashion films have now their own festival. Since 2012 the Berlin Fashion Film Festival rewards the best fashion film productions. The Festival rewards fashion films aesthetics with “best make up” or “best use of fashion” awards, it also rewards  professional skills with the awards of “best editing”, “Best direction” and “Best idea or script”.

As fashion mags and designers want more interactive media content for their online audiences to build strong and long term relationships with their customers, we have seen a rise in the Fashion film and in fashion shoot backstage video.

Videoplugger’s video makers are experienced in Fashion backstage video. This kind of video is in fact a cross between a fashion film and a backstage video. Our team works with prestigious companies like Vogue Italy and Marie Claire Italy. Fashion backstage videos are shot from a backstage prospective in order not to disturb the work of the models and photographers, but are as creative as a fashion film.

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