By Alexandra Zsófia Sándor

Almost no one needs to be told about what and who the minions are. In case someone would not be aware of their existence, these little, yellow creatures first appeared in the movie Despicable Me in the year of 2010. They served the current evil mastermind Gru, meanwhile they charmed the audience of the film with their original language and appearance.

The same directors of Despicable Me created three years later the sequel which continued with our favourite super villain and his servants. However, Pierre Coffin decided not to stop at this point and with Kyle Balda they introduced the Minions movie this summer – to our greatest joy.

The Minions, so to say the third sequence is a prequel. It helps us to understand the origin of the minions, their goals and their story. How they struggled through centuries to find themselves a proper and evil enough master under who’s shadow they could live and gratify their adorable desires.

But still there stands the question: why is everybody so crazy about these creatures? Not only around the world, but even in England, at the fun-park by the coast of Brighton, in London shop windows, from the cars passing by they are watching and smiling at us.

We asked Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin at the premiere of the movie in Los Angeles why the yellow, funny speaking minions are so lovable. According to Kyle and Pierre their personality is so close to every one of us because they have human emotions and irrespective of their look everyone can recognise him-/herself in them.

Directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin

– Directors Kyle Balda and Pierre Coffin

Actress Allison Janney (voice of Madge Nelson) has similar opinion regarding our little friends. She said at the premiere that the minions as we know have a unique language which actually everybody can understand, they represent every culture all at once, and of course they mess up everything, but they have a big heart, that’s why you just can’t help falling in love with them.

Allison Janney

– Allison Janney, voice of Madge Nelson

So if the creators and the staff took to the minions so much, why would the audience feel differently? We don’t have to do anything but smile on in the windows sitting, yellow heroes who are trying to cheer us up with a single look on them. And if the feeling is still unbelievable and unfamiliar, watch the movie, because the pleasure is inevitable and at worst the minions steal also our heart.

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