London Film Festival 2015 covered the ‘A Bigger Splash’ premiere. It is a fantastic movie that contains a lot of subjects including romance, drama, crime and mystery. We talked to the amazing director Luca Guadagnino about his inspiration to create this film, what was most important to him in this process and eventually also his satisfaction with the result. ‘A Bigger Splash’ has an amazingly talented cast including Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton and Matthias Schoenaerts.

‘A Bigger Splash’, is an overheated drama with a dangerous edge, loosely inspired on Jacques Deray’s ‘La Piscine’, that shows the lives of a very wealthy and famous couple (rock legend Marianne Lane and her partner Paul) relaxing and recovering on the idyllic Italian island of Pantelleria. They are enjoying their relaxing vacation until they are disturbed on their holiday by an unexpected visit of an old flame of Marianne, the cocky music producer Harry and his beautiful and sexy daughter Penelope. This occasion creates an intense mixture of passion, jealousy, desire, rock & roll and danger for all the people involved. In this movie,  Luca Guadagnino clearly and sharply combines the private hideaways of these upper class tourists with the everyday lives of the local inhabitants and the illegal African immigrants looking for a safe home.

Luca Guadagnino explains that it is a movie about rock and roll, love and possession in relationships. He continues with saying that it is also a movie about desire and most importantly about people. He thinks this is a very important topic since especially nowadays there are so many cartoons and those kind of films. For Luca, not the story but the characters were important. He was interested to find out how to represent the interaction between people upon the law of desires. According to him one of the most important things is to understand how important it is to collaborate with actors instead of dictating them. Furthermore he mentioned that the most important thing in film-making is how to make truthfulness about the people that he is talking about. He wanted to make this film because he felt that he could tell something truthful about the interaction between these 4 characters including their behaviour towards sex and desire.

London Film Festival 2015

‘I felt that I could tell something truthful about the interaction between these 4 characters’ – Luca Guadagnino

Check out our interview with Luca Guadagnino here:

‘A Bigger Splash’ will be in the cinema’s on the 12th of February 2016. Here you can check out the trailer.

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