By: Sole Marques

Last Friday we attended the LFF World Premiere: La la land
The event started at 17:00 pm in Odeon Cinema, located in London’s Leicester Square. The red carpet was full of different social media influencers, actors, actresses and of course producers and director of this magical film.


At first place, the main producer, Marc Platt, came up in a red car with the other producers, Fred Bergerb and Jordan Horowitz. They started to take some pictures for the press and talk to each other.

The screening was also attended by director Damien Chazelle,  who arrived in a silver car with actresses Olivia Hamilton and Sonoya Mizuno.


They stopped by the red carpet to give some interviews, answer some questions and be pictured by the photographers and Tv Press. All of them seemed to be relaxed and you could see the good relationship among them when taking selfies.


Sonoya Mizuno caught all the journalists eyes and she took selfies with fans, Damien Chazelle, the director, seemed relaxed and proud to be there although we could see him a bit shy with fans.


The film was passionate and lovely. The locations, the music, the plot and  the fabulous cast have created a beautiful story based in the heart of Los Angeles. An aspiring actress Mia serves lattes to movie stars while jazz musician Sebastian plays in bars pursuing the his music dream. Both meet and fall in love with each other, but, something happens to make them struggle to achieve their dreams.


In the Premiere you could see how good the crew felt of being part of this adventure. After the event people were delighted with this film and just could congratulate the director and the crew.

La la land is in theaters from 17th of January 2017.





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