By: Sole Marques


Their Finest World Premiere

Last week we attended to Their Finest Premiere at Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square placed in the heart of the city of London.

All the main characters and producers went to the event around 6:00pm. The Red Carpet was ready to give the warmest welcome to the crew who were really proud to be part of this magical movie.

In first place, director Lone Scherfig, arrived at the Red Carpet. Her face showed how happy and proud of herself she was. During the making of the movie she said ”I shared many funny anecdotes and moments with my colleagues”, she also said she learned everyday from all the cast and producers, they became like her family.

Behind the director, actors and actresses started to arrive. The first one who came was Gemma Arterton, the main character of the film. She gave some short interviews to the press and inside the theater she pointed out how proud she was to play Catrin due to the feminist and moral values she represents in the film.


Their Finest World Premiere
Gemma Arteton shines at the premiere

The second one was Sam Claflin of Hunger Games fame who showed up with his beautiful wife, Laurra Haddock, actress of Guardians of Galaxy. They seemed to be really happy to be there together. All the fans started to claim their attention to sign some books and posters, take some pictures and have a chat with their favorite VIPs.

Sam Claffin and Laurra Haddock
Their Finest Premiere: Stunning Sam Claffin and Laurra Haddock

More members of Their Finest crew arrived after them. We could see a fantastic and charismatic Stephen Woolley and his wife Elizabeth Karlsen who has also produced this film. The writer of the novel in which is based this film, Lissa Evans and more producers and secondary actors/actresses.

The one everyone was waiting for was Bill Nighy, who was funny, sarcastic, extremely amusing and as always he took the comedic roll during the event; everybody was delighted with him and his personality.

Their Finest World Premiere: Bill Nighy
Their Finest World Premiere: Bill Nighy

If the atmosphere was wonderful outside, inside the theatre it was ten times better. The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, thanked the audience for their support of British cinema and he highlighted how proud he felt of being the Mayor of one of the best cities in the world. Also, some members of the film gave some words of gratitude.

Their Finest Film Crew and London’s Mayor


In our opinion this premiere has been one of the best during the BFI London Film Festival due to the presence of the whole film crew and Mayor of London. This golden film deserves the best audience and from DRM we strongly recommend you to watch it, it won’t leave you indifferent!

Their Finest will be in theaters from 10th of December.


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