The story of the Faroe Islanders



The Islands and the Whales is a documentary directed and produced by Mike Day. Mike Day spent 4 years of his life doing research about the Faroe Islanders to see how they live. In 2016 Mike Day won several prices for his documentary of The Islands and the Whales: DOC NYC 2016, Emering International Filmmaker Award and Camden International Film Festival.

Back in the days the Faroe Islanders had nothing. They needed to find their own food, made their own clothes etc. At that moment the tradition of hunting started. It became a way of life which they pass to their childeren. They mostly hunt on pilot whales and birds. This documentary shows the consequenses of eating pilot whale. Pilot whales contain dangerous levels of mercury that poison Faroe Islanders who eat hearty quantities of meat and blubber. The hunting does not only affect the Faroe Islanders, in a few years it will affect the whole world.

For a long time there is a discussions about hunting. There are serveral organizations who fight against hunting. One of these organizations, which you’ll see in the documentary, is called ‘Sea Shepherd Conservation Society‘. This organization from America are against the destruction of habitat slaughter of wildlife. The documentary shows the discussion between the two parties. Faroe Islanders have serveral reasons why they won’t let go of hunting. It’s a tradition which is hard to let go. Also, they think it’s not fear comparing to other countries that everyone can buy meat in the supermarkets and Faroe Islanders have no option other then become a vegitarian. It’s a hard discussion, but they may be forced to change their ancient ways.

You never realise how serious these problems are until you see it with your own eyes. In this film you’ll see problems that will affact the whole world in a several years. It’s really easy to judge about the hunting before you know something about it. After seeing this documentary you’ll probably think twice about hunting.  The documentary shows impressive access to the community. Besides the story of the Faroe Islanders you’ll also see the beautiful nature what is captured during the 4 years of filming.

The Island and the Whales will be released in the UK cinemas on the 29th of March!


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