Interview with Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds

We are delighted to present an interview with two filmmakers, Jane Harris and Jimmy Edmonds. We had a chance to interview them at the ‘A love that never dies’ premiere  in London.

A Love That Never Dies is their latest documentary. It tells a story about a loss of a child and how to grieve and potentially find piece in all of it. The couple wanted to do this documentary as losing child is hard in many ways and people don’t know how to react it. The story behind the film is heartbreaking, but at the same time it’s hopeful, because love never dies.

Jimmy Edmonds has directed and edited many films and series. He has worked for BBC, Channel 4 and many more UK, European and US broadcasters. Jimmy wanted to do this documentary together with her wife Jane Harris – a psychological therapist and after 25 years of private practise she has returned to filmmaking. Doing this documentary was a hard journey for both of them, however they’ve received support from families who’ve been through same and the other way around.

You can watch whole interview below.

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