A heroic journey for love


By: Hanna Pakarinen

Animated short Post No Bills directed by Robin Hays and Andy Poon tells a story of Noodle Boy and Miss Fortune who similarly like characters in Toy Story movie come to life. Their world consists of various posters and ads posted on construction wall. In a way, each of the posters creates like a separate little world, however, at the same time, their combination creates this universe – safe haven for all the characters living on this wall. The peace is disrupted when a big van stops and a man with pain buckets steps out. Noodle Boy has to be brave and save his loved one, Miss Fortune.



The short animated film has received a lot of appreciation from film festivals. It has won awards from Burbank International Film Festival, HollyShorts Film Festival, and Omaha Film Festival. The cute characters remain a bit of a mystery, it could do with a bit more characterization, however its easy to fall in love with them. Noodle Boy and Miss Fortune are intriguing, and original standing out from other commercial animation. The animation is very short around 5 min, so a series of Noodle Boy and Miss Fortune adventures would be perfect. It’s the first animation film for director Robin Hays who is an award-winning commercial director, and the project has gained her international recognition. Hopefully, Noodle Boy and Miss Fortune will have more adventures in the nearby future!

You can watch the trailer below!

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