Rose-Lynn… A young Women Balancing Her Dreams of Being a Country Music Star With The Responsibilities of Motherhood.

By Danilo Salazar

‘Wild Rose’ had its European premiere during 62nd London Film Festival. Directed by Tom Harper, who started his career directing short films such as ‘Cubs’ in 2006, which was nominated and awarded in the BIFA awards and produced by Faye Ward, who is mainly focused on women and their empowerment. In an interview, Ward said ‘I think we’re just very female women! We like women and we tend to gravitate to them just based on those stories that we enjoy, we respect, understand and connect to…’

Wild Rose starring Jessie Buckley as a mother of two Rose-Lynn and Julie Walters was filmed in Glasgow, Scotland and Nashville, USA. The movie follows Rose-Lynn, who’s getting out of the prison and trying settle back into the life outside of prison, however refusing to let go of her dreams of becoming a Nashville star. Her mother Marion, who was looking after her grandchildren is hoping that time spent in prison will help her daughter put everything into perspective and maybe she’ll go for a more responsible lifestyle. After all, she’s a mother of two!

Rose doesn’t want to give up on her dreams and focus just on motherhood. She becomes a house-cleaner for a rich and well-established Susannah (Sophie Okonedo), who is excited by the talent that Rose possesses and tries to bring this voice to Nashville. Rose doesn’t want to choose between her dream and being a mother simply because her dream would be a bigger priority to her than her kids. The ankle tag that she got when leaving prison and the kids are the only things that are holding her from reaching her dream and you can feel the resentment and the secret wish that her children were not there just yet.

Jessie Bucley (Rose-Lynn) is an Irish singer and actreess that came second on the series ‘I’d Do Anything’ from the BBC in 2008. She thinks that ‘Rose is an incredible human raw woman who has the bravery to run for her dreams despite everybody else saying that she isn’t deserving to have a dream’. The journey of trying to do both – reach for the dreams and be a mom is powerful. She might be selfish, and some of her priorities might be a bit different than the rest of the society, however, Rose fights for what she believes in and tries to be the best mom she can be…

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