Humor Me: Nate struggles with life until he decides to be part of the concert production in a retirement community


By Danilo Salazar

Humor Me’ a comedy written and produced by Sam Hoffman. The film was firstly premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival. In addition to this production, Hoffman has produced different series such as ‘Old Jews Telling Jokes’ (2009) which is reportedly been viewed 50 million times and was released on DVD and broadcasted on BBC.

Humor Me’, is in the context of the story of one acclaimed playwright from New York. Nate Kroll (Jemaine Clement) struggles to finish his new play after his wife (Maria Dizzia) decides to terminate their relationship, taking their son with her. This is something that emotionally harms Nate and makes him go through rough times. Most importantly how he handles the situation and finds a way to land back on his feet. 

Nate has to move in with his father Bob (Elliot Gould) as he’s unable to pay the rent. Unfortunately for Nate, his relationship with his father is not the best, as his father makes inappropriate jokes to comprehend the death of his wife, Nates mother.

After working on different things, Nate finally decides to coach a group of women in the retirement community that are trying to recreate a concert version of ‘The Mikado’. Supporting this cozy community makes Nate feel useful again, which helps him build up the confidence he lost after his separation from his wife and son. This experience makes him appreciate the small things in life and helps him figure out how to learn and grow from his past. 

In the Film, Nate’s hope for love is not over. He meets Allison (Ingrid Michaelson), a recovering drug addict living under her mother’s watch. Allison is the pianist in the production of the play Nate is working on. 

This light comedy is bringing laughs and shows how to take advantage of every opportunity for personal development.

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