Top 10 Documentaries of 2018

From Topics Of Terrorism To Free Climbing


With 2018 coming to an end it’s nice to reflect on the year. Many films have been reviewed, and many premieres have been attended so today we’re covering Top 10 Documentaries of 2018. There have been a lot of great movies this year, so it’s hard to select just 10 however we believe that all of the pics are something worth seeing.


Path of Blood Poster



This year we’ve covered documentary Path of Blood twice, for its release and got a chance to review it. Path of Blood directed by Jonathan Hacker explores a quite controversial topic of terrorism and has a quite a unique approach to it – the documentary is made out of videos filmed by Al Qaeda members. It shows how idealism and the youthful pursuit of adventure can descend into madness and carnage.



Nae Pasaran! PosterNAE PASARAN!

Quite an unlike true story in Felipe Bustos Sierras film Nae Pasaran!. A group of pensioners take charge and become Commanders of the Republic of Chile.  A brave stand against the ruling powers and taking the matter into their own hands. A move that was only recognized on it’s importance and whole impact years later.




McQueen Poster


Designer Alexander McQueen is known by many. From being an apprentice to designing to the world most recognized brands and let’s not forget his incredible collections. Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui’s documentary admires the hard work that late designer put it, his openness of being different, but at the same time show, his personality and Alexander McQueen was.




Free Solo poster


Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi & Jimmy Chin movie on Alex Honnold and documenting his journeys and achievements. Free soloist climber, tackling one rock at a time without any support of any kind. Physical and emotional struggles merge as well as dreams and passions to go something extraordinary.




The Islands and the Whales


For years citizens of Faroe Islands located 200 miles off the coast of Scotland, have relied on fish and birds for food. Director Mike Day follows the struggles islanders face with the rising modern world. It’s a constant fight between traditions and well-being and the forced modernity. Earlier this year we had a chance to review the movie and discuss it in more details.



3 Identical Strangers Poster


Triplets Robert Shafran, Eddy Galland and David Kellman were raised in respected adoptive families never to imagine that each one of them had two identical brothers.  A miracle of chance reunites the separated sibling, and the journey began to try and get answer to all the solutions that came with the discovery. The movies is a unique true story at times just feeling unreal. In Jewish Film Festival 2018 the movie has won the Best Film Award.






Never before seen footage involved in the movies shows a very intimate and not seen by many sides of rapper M.I.A. and all the lives she has touched and the fights she’s fighting to make this world just a bit better.




Evelyn Poster


22-year-old Evelyn took his own life after a schizophrenia diagnosis and intense depression; this is Orlando von Einsiedel’s documentary on his brother Evelyn and coming to terms with his decision to take his own life and in a way memorize his brother one more time.




Whitney Poster



Never before seen footage combined with an interview with the people that knew Whitney the best comes a documentary on the queen on the music Whitney Houston her life and career. Kevin Macdonald in his documentary reveals a singer, a mother, a daughter and a friend that not many people got a chance to see.



Shirkers Poster


In 1992, teenager and passionate cinephile Sandi Tan shot Singapore’s first road movie with her enigmatic American mentor, Georges, who then absconded with all of the footage. The 16 mm movie is recovered 20 years later, much to the consternation, shock and, joy of Tan, who uses the opportunity to revisit the film she made when she was seventeen, but never got to see – and to try to understand the man behind its theft.



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