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Relationships are hard. It’s a constant piece of work reminding the person with whom you’re with that there’s nobody else in this whole wide world that you’d rather be with. Hank (Jason Stuart) and his husband Tommy (Jay Disney) have been married for 15years. However, the marriage is cracking and Hank is trying to do everything that he can to makes his husband happy. As one of the ways for saving the relationship comes to an idea of an open relationship. Something that Tommy brings up. Now Hank is a bit on the fence about it. He brings this idea to their therapist, who surprisingly encourages it. Wanting to make Tommy happy and to save this relationship Hank agrees to have an open relationship.


Still from the short film Hank


The open relationship brings a whole bunch of experiences for Hank and not all of them are the best. Whereas Tommy seems to have adjusted to the changes without a problem. Still, on the edge with the whole idea of open relationship, Hank finds himself having to compete for his husband’s love with younger better-looking men and faces the realities of aging. Hank has to figure out what this open relationship means to him as well as to find his space in his marriage to Tommy. Slowly but steadily Hank finds his voice.


Still from the short film Hank


Director Hongyu Li developed his filmmaking craft at the New York Film Academy and quickly made his directorial debut with Waiting for Frank a multi-award-winning short film on the effects of Alzheimer’s. Hank is already an award winner as Best LGBTQ Film at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and best short film at the LA Movie Awards. Not to mention the nominations at Boston LGBT Film Festival for Jury Award, Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival for Best LGBTQ Film, Out Here Now: the Kansas City LGBT Film Festival for Best Dramatic Short and qFLIX Philadelphia for Men’s Short. The short really explores the struggles that one faces in the relationship as well as just like women, men are also surrounded by stereotypes, which at times makes the idea of dating an relationship a lot harder.


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