Director Kenneth Mercken

“… it was a very peculiar world.”


Inspired by directors Kenneth Mercken’s own past as a professional cyclist his first feature film The Racer (Coureur) makes a UK debut at the 27th Raindance Film Festival. Focusing on the dark side of the sport, involving performance-enhancing drugs, the film has already been screened in various international film festivals. As somebody who has been in the world portrayed in the film Kenneth was very clear how he wanted it to look. However, he also didn’t want to glamorize or moralize in the movie as well. Quite a bit is left for the viewer to decide what is right and what is wrong. The director was in London for the debut of the film as well as giving out some interviews prior to the screening. We had a possibility to sit down with the director and discuss everything that went into making his first feature. Have a look at the interview below.




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