A film to enjoy on Valentine’s Eve romcom: ‘Say My Name‘ Starring Lisa Brenner (The Patriot, Bad Samaritan, Finding Home) and Nick Blood (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Babylon, Him & Her)

Say My Name written by British/Australian comedian and podcaster Deborah Frances-White (The Guilty Feminist, Deborah Frances-White Rolls the Dice) and directed by Jay Stern (The Changeling, The Adventures of Paul and Marian) the film has a little bit of everything.

Set on a remote island where you might think nothing could go wrong. The story follows Mary and Statton as they were having a casual, no strings attached one-night stand. The night takes a rather unexpected turn when two armed men burst into their hotel room and demand all of their valuables.  An unlucky accident (or maybe faith) forces the two strangers to work together in an attempt to find their stolen belongings. And their adventure doesn’t go as smoothly as they hoped.


still from the film Say My Name


If you ever had a chance to listen to Deborah Frances-White podcasts (and if you haven’t you should!) it is interesting to see how a podcaster such as Deborah is able to switch to scriptwriting. The movie avoids getting boxed into stereotypes of what a typical romcom should look like. The main character Mary has a strong personality with many identities, names, secrets and is the main driver of the story. Balancing Statton’s character who is attached to his comfort zone. The pair have amazing chemistry and just makes the viewer sit at the edge of their seat hoping for a happy ending.

The films offer a load of action bringing various emotions not only from the characters but the viewers as well. Not to mention the gorgeous Welsh island landscape that makes me want to visit straight away. Say My Name approaches the genre from a different angle and invites the viewer to grow, cry,  laugh and love with the characters,making you feel a part of the adventure. The film is available on-demand so if you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day film, Say My Name is a good contender.


Have a look at the trailer!


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