cinema made in italy 2020

The 10th special anniversary of Cinema Made In Italy 2020

Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of attending Cinema Made In Italy for the past couple of years viewing new premieres or much-loved classics and interviewing creators and talent. We can’t believe it’s flown so quickly for the festival to be celebrating what they’ve been doing for the last decade. It’s really amazing to see that Cinema Made In Italy is still going strong.

For this year Ciné Lumière teams up with Istituto Luce-Cinecittà and the Italian Cultural Institute in London for a 10th special Anniversary edition of Cinema Made in Italy. As it is the 10th-anniversary special it’s only right to celebrate this big. This time around gives female directors such as Ginevra Elkann, Chiara Malta and Michela Occhipinti being put in the limelight which is a great opportunity to honor the work of what the women are doing in the industry.  Each of these films that are in the line-up will give audiences a chance to see diverse and engage us in the culture of Italy and not forgetting, bringing Italian productions to London.

cinema made in italy 2020

The event will kick off with Ginevra Elkann’s IF ONLY (Magari), which we’re very much looking forward to seeing and new features by Michela Occhipinti and Chiara Malta are also included. In addition to the nine new Italian productions being showcased,  a major classic Liliana Cavani’s 1974 provocative psychological thriller THE NIGHT PORTER (Il portiere di notte), starring Charlotte Ramplingand Dirk Bogarde, will be screened which will be an interesting watch.


Not to mention, there will also be film-makers and talents attending to participate in an audience Q&As so we’re ready to fire away some of our burning questions. We’re very excited to be able to have the opportunity again to cover the entire festival and a chance to Interview some great directors and amazing talent that will also be attending.

Make sure to keep up to date with our frequent posts as we’ll be uploading our interviews very soon!

For more information Cinema Made in Italy is at the Cinema Lumiere in London from (6th – 9th March) Get your tickets below:






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