A good mixture of a thriller and science-fiction


By: Natalija Asceric

Max Winslow and the House of Secrets is about five teenagers who get invited to stay overnight at a mansion of an eccentric billionaire, played by Chad Michael Murry. In a house run by artificial intelligence (voiced by Marina Curtis), the teens play a series of games. The winner of the games gets to keep the mansion, but the artificial intelligence has other plans. The teenagers, who all got social problems, are forced to face their inner demons. The games turn into a nightmare for all of them.

The technically and visually stunning movie already won the category Best Feature Film at the “Burbank International Film Festival” (2019) an Best of Fest and Audience Choice at the “Fayetteville Film Festival” (2019).

“Intense thriller but still a family movie”

The leading character (“Max Winslow”) was originally male when the production team decided to switch the character’s gender in an attempt to make the cast as diverse as possible, now played by Sydne Mikelle who was part of Hulu Halloween Anthology. In the movie, she has got a special relationship to “Connor Lawson”, acted by Tanner Buchanan. His first professional gig was a minor role in Modern Family back in 2010. Emery Kelly (“Aiden”) is a pop vocalist and part of the cast of the Netflix original series Alexa and Katie. The role of “Benny” is played by Jason Genao who is known for his role of Ruby Martinez on the Netflix series On My Block. Jade Chynoweth plays “Sophia Peach” who’s really caught up in the whole social media aspect of life. Jade seemed to fit the role perfectly as she’s a social media star in real life, reaching thousands of young people with her dancing videos.

Director and four-time Emmy-winner Sean Olson started as an editor and switched to directing as well as Producer  Johnny Remo who made a transition from photography to production. Writer Jeff Wild already worked for MTV, Facebook Watch, and NetflixMusic while Composer Jason Brandt worked with Sean Olson on every single movie he directed. He recently composed music for the Netflix Exclusive sci-fi robot adventure film F.R.E.D.I. The crew worked a lot together in the past which explains the great chemistry between them on set.

Max Winslow and the House of Secrets is an exceptional film with great actors, a good mixture of a thriller and science-fiction, and various special effects. The perfect family movie for upcoming rainy autumn days.

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