The impressive short “Good Thanks, You?” directed by London-based cinematographer and director Molly Manning Walker is about traumatized young girl Amy and her experience of sexual assault. Walker was herself sexually assaulted at the age of 16 and decided she wanted to help and encourage people to talk about their own experiences, like she did. The director has mainly worked on commercials and music videos before. Her live-action short film is her directorial debut and has already been selected by more than twenty film festivals, such as BFI London Film Festival and Cannes Critic’s week.

Walker showed immense potential in her impressive 13 minutes short film, which manages to say so much without a lot of dialogue

The 16-year-old frightened Amy, starred by Jasmine Jobsons, has been sexually assaulted, which is an experience she can’t easily share with her boyfriend Lewis (Michael Ward). Again and again, she is unintentionally reminded of her traumatic experience and can’t concentrate on her relationship. Beyond that, she has to face complex questions, which are asked by police officers, lawyers and doctors and make her situation even worse.

As a viewer, you get a very good insight into the emotional world and the emotional chaos of a victim. Due to  Jobson’s and Ward’s excellence acting skills, one realizes in what kind of dilemma the victim, but also her environment are living in. A contemporary film which is eye-opening in its take on how to talk to victims from sexual violence about their experiences.

Have a look at the trailer from talented Molly Morning Walker who I am sure we will hear more from in the future.

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