Avengers Station

AVENGERS STATION – inspiration for the new generation of engineering heroes!

The Avengers Station started on the 19th of December, 2018 in London, UK – The Government’s Year of Engineering opened a new exciting partnership with Marvel. The iconic American comic book brand is the latest big name to join the campaign, helping to encourage many young people from different backgrounds to consider joining in the future.

During the launch, Year of Engineering Minister Nusrat Ghani joined the children from Berger Elementary School in Hackney and a group of superheroes in real life – including a female military engineer and a specialist in comic science – at Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., a fascinating new Marvel show in East London.

The test is aimed at demonstrating to children that they have a lot of engineering talent that they haven’t appreciated before. It proves that technology is not just about academic talent but the curiosity, creativity and being honorable and collaborative are important qualities of a successful engineer.

Nusrat Ghani, The Minister for the Year of Engineering (Pictured above) said:

“The characters who inhabit the Marvel universe are famed for achieving amazing things against all odds; something engineers do on a daily basis.

“Whether it’s tackling the problems of climate change, helping to provide clean water and energy in developing nations or using technology to help us live healthier more independent lives, the engineering profession is full of its very own Super Heroes.

“I’m certain that this partnership will encourage many young people to look again at their own amazing abilities and realize that while they may never possess the strength of the Hulk they could one day move mountains as an engineer.”

If you are interested in taking the test with your kids, head to moreheroesneeded.com.
For festive activities to get children making and inventing, visit yearofengineering.gov.uk/theholidaymakers
Join the Avengers at S.T.A.T.I.O.N. today at avengersstation.co.uk

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