Parcfilm is a video production company based in Bucharest, Romania.
Since they started Parcfilm has been producing music videos, TV commercials, and TV shows for the Romanian market in addition they offer postproduction services for feature films.

They have produced more than 100 videos for all the best-known Romanian artist as well as for foreign artists.

The great production of Parcfilm’s videos helped them to win a series of awards:

Romanian MTV Music Awards in 2004: Bug Mafia Romaneste (Best Album, Best Hip Hop), Class (Best Hip Hop), 3SE (Best Song);
European MTV Music Awards 2004, videos for “Ombladon” (Parazitii) winner of.
Atomic TV Awards in 2003.
Romanian MTV Videos Music awards 2002, 5 of 7 possible awards: Best Director (Andrea Pandaradu with Partizan Fata Mea, Best Group Video (Partizan), Best R&B Video (Paula Seling), Best Pop Video (Class);
In my point of view the most interesting element of all these videos is when the directors mix typical features of other musical worlds like in “Cantec pentru sanatatea ierbii” by Unu he successfully blends 70’s American rock n’ roll with local elements such as the passion for the Romanian countryside. Unu, a black Romanian with an Afro to complete the 70s retro look, decides to escape the city for the countryside together with his lawn mower.

Sometimes Parcfilm’s videos are nothing more than bland copies of its European and North American counter parts from the last ten years. This can be seen as a consequence of globalisation, so a singer such as Anna Lesko seems to be cloned directly from the Anglo Saxon pop scene. When directors and singers don’t express their own individual style but try to adapt to foreign trends in their videos they are causing damage to the Romanian music culture as a whole. Music TV channels accelerates the process of music homogenization all over the world instead of celebrating originality and creativity.

Artists like Unu present a welcome change, with his “Cantec pentru sanatatea ierbii” he shows that it is possible to find a solution where innovation and respect of the own culture are perfectly combined.

Music video is a great medium to show case cultural diversity, and for this reason it is important that people involved in the music world don’t lose his or her own cultural identity.

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