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Ebba Eriksson

Co founder of Videoplugger and responsible for all things creative as well as HR and administrative issues. An MA graduate from RCA in animation her areas of interest are film, popular culture, art, animation, technology and gossip.

REVIEW: “Beneath the Surface”, an ode to change

In Tysfjord, Norway, indigenous Sámi men, women, and children have suffered abuse that has gone unreported. Beneath the Surface is a riveting feature documentary that brings these experiences to light. Beneath the Surface, directed by Alexander Irvine-Cox, examines decades of […]

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Série Series The Austronaut

30.06.2021 Série Series|Fountainbleau| What’s Next | Hybride Session THE ASTRONAUT Case study with the creators of Finnish mini Series The Astronaut due to be broadcast in Finland by Elisa Viihde Viaplaywith Pete Riski (Co-creator, director), Mikko Pöllä (producer, Fire Monkey), Roope […]

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Serie Series 2021

30th of June 2021 The 2021 10th Série Series the European Series Summit, is now taking place in Fontainebleau and online from 30th June to 3rd July, it is the most exciting place to hear about new trends in television series. […]

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Series Mania goes online

Today the festival Series Mania announced the launch of SERIES MANIA DIGITAL FORUM, an industry platform available March 25 to April 7. As Series Mania had to cancel its long-anticipated Series Mania Festival and Forum, due to Covid-19, they today revealed an exciting online […]