Pacific Rim is a Science Fiction American movie directed by Guillermo Del Toro and written by del Toro and Travis Beacham.

The Premiere took place yesterday in London BFI IMAX theater, the Thursday 4th July 2013. The celebs arrived around 6pm.

Charlie Hunnam and Rinko Kikuchi hit the red carpet, followed by their co-stars Charlie Day, Idris Elba, Robert Kazinsky, and Burn Gorman, as well as director Guillermo del Toro.


The Hanson Brothers were also attending the Premiere.

Videos of the Premiere : 

About the movie :

In the near future, giant monsters identified as “Kaiju” have risen from a portal in a crevasse beneath the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a war which takes millions of lives. To combat the monsters, a special type of weapon is designed: massive robots, known as ‘Jaegers’, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But as the war continues, even the Jaegers struggle to triumph the war against a relentless enemy. Against all odds, the remaining forces of mankind make a final stand.

By Lea Jacquin.




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