Around 700 people were already waiting for 2 days and nights to see the great Johnny Depp at the Premiere of The Lone Ranger in London yesterday. At 2 pm the redcarpet was full of people and it became more and more. The atmosphere was amazing because the fans were incredibly enthusiastic. At 5 pm a disguised horserider came on a beautiful steed along the redcarpet to represent Johnny Depp in its new film, coming out in August. It was impressive to see the horse dancing to the rhythm of a song.

At 5.30 pm one car after the other was arriving. The beginning was made by Armie Hammer which appeard in a red suit. Some minutes later the famous filmdirector Gore Verbinski exited his limousine.

Furthermore gorgeous Ruth Wilson, Diana Vickers and Ianthe Rose Cochrane-Stack attended the Premiere. Teenie star George Sampson also appeared on the redcarpet and took the time to make pictures with his fans and to sign posters as well as makeup artist Tanja Burr.

Right after the slogan: ‘the best comes at the end’, Johnny Depp arrived around 6 pm on the redcarpet. It was the highlight of the Premiere, fans were getting crazy, they were screaming and shouting. Some also cried because they could not believe it. With all the stars attending the Premiere of the Lone Ranger, especially Johnny Depp, it was a succeeded event which will certainly motivate a lot of people to watch this movie in the cinema.

By Natalie Kim Treuter

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