Björk: Biophilia Live

By Alisa Narbutas


When it comes to Björk, we all know the word “simplicity” is not really part of her regular dictionary. In fact, we already expect something outrageous and different in advance. So it’s no surprise that “Björk: Biophilia Live” fulfils all of our expectations and even more.

The Icelandic singer performs the complete set of her eight album using stunning visual effects created by designers from all over the globe. Of course, only Björk can make Viruses, thunder and lightning look so extremely cool and artistic at the same time.

The Videoplugger Team had the honour to talk to Directors Nick Fenton and Peter Strickland as well as Producer Jacqui Edenbrow, which is also known for her previous work on the film “Joy Division”.


We asked Peter (who was premiering 2 films that night) what he thinks is more difficult to produce – a concert or a self regulated film and if there are major differences between those genres. The Duke of Burgundy director proclaimed “he becomes to attached to films when he wrote them himself, so he quiet enjoyed stepping back a bit and let others be too attached for a change”.

If you write something yourself you become to attached, a bit psychopathic and I decided that I let someone else be psychopathic for a change”

                                                          (Peter Strickland on differences creating self-regulated or concert films)

Without a doubt, we had to ask Jaqui how it was to work with Björk and how much she was involved in the process of filmmaking. The Producer explained that the singer made sure, that everybody was featured and all the musicians got their equal representation.

She’s amazing to work with and super respectful of the directors and everybody involved.”

                                                                                                (Jaqui Edenbrow on working with Bjöerk)

Björk Biophilia Live will be shown at the London Film Festival this year.

Make sure to check out the full interview with the Directors and Producer of the Biophilia Live Film, shown below.

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