By Sole Marques

Magnus From child prodigy to chess genius.
The film Magnus follows the life of Magnus Carlsen, probably not many people know about him, but he is the youngest chess winner worldwide, who has led an inspiring life. He is known as the ”Mozart of Chess” due to his many chess grand-masters and his unique way of playing. Magnus is directed by Benjamin Ree.

This movie moves us through the transition of Magnus life focused on chess. You can feel what a different person this chess player is from others due to his loneliness, perseverance and his lack of social relationships when he was a child.

Since Magnus was this little child he began to get aspirations of becoming a chess player. During the movie you can see the brilliance of Magnus mind, how he calculates the moves and how he tackles different situations when playing in world tournaments. He emphasises that all his skills when playing chess are mainly based on intuition.

Magnus is more than just a film about chess, we get to see the sensitive part of Magnus and his family, which have a huge relevance for the player since he was a child.

Benjamin Ree reveals this enigmatic young chess player trajectory through the magical soundtrack and giving us an inside look into this young chess prodigy’s mind, emotions, and conflicts. Further more the film is not only about chess which would make for boring  viewing but also witness how this magnificent player has grown and reached top of this game.

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