By: Sole Marques
Their Finest Film Review by


Their Finest is the latest film directed by Danish director Lone Scherfig who has been involved in film since the 80’s and participated in movies such as An Education or Dogme 95. This project started when the BBC wanted to develop the film alongside the Danish director.

This film is based on Their Finest Hour and half novel written by Lissa Evans and takes its background from World War II where the plot of this romantic comedy takes place.


Gemma Arterton is Catrin the main character, who is a young copy writer participating in a film shoot during the  The Blitz of London, a patriotic movie to boost British morale. Her role is really interesting due to her feminist stance in such a patriarchal era. She tries to make herself and her work valued in a man’s world. The Guardian says the film “masquerades as an ode to how women played a major role in boosting national morale during the Blitz”.

After being accepted to co-script a project centered around the Battle of Dunkirk, Catrin begins to work  with screenwriter Tom Buckley, who refuse to work alongside a woman.

Tom Buckley, played by Hunger Games heartthrob Sam Claflin, is the typical worker who thinks women should be at home and not in the workplace. As the film carries on, you see how he changes. He starts to fall in love with a powerful hard-working woman who is trying to find her own way.


Although Catrin and Buckley seemed to be the perfect tandem carrying out a film, they struggle in several aspects of life, specially in love. They are grateful for Ambrose Hilliard’s (Bill Nighy) help. He plays an over the hill actor in the production with an special personality which catches everybody’s attention. Bill Nighy is such a joy to watch, making fun of the stereotypes of the day.

Their Finest crew has created a fantastic film in which the audience gets involved. The way it’s filmed, showing film tricks of the1940s, is fantastic. Furthermore, the love story between the main characters, the bittersweet plot and the smart and witty dialogue gives you a good night out and a great film experience.








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