joanne froggatt starfish premiere

By: Sole Marques and Monika Pundzaite

Starfish Premiere 

joanne froggatt starfish premiere

Yesterday we had the opportunity to attend to Starfish Premiere at Curzon Cinema placed in the beautiful neighborhood of Mayfair, London.

We met the films director Bill Clark,  Joanne Froggatt of Downton Abbey fame, and others from the cast. The red carpet was not big which meant there was a more intimate atmosphere that enabled to have informal chats with the stars of this beautiful and nostalgic film.

The film, based on a true story, follows a family who are thrown into turmoil when the husband contracts sepsis, a brutally damaging illness.

In first place, the real characters this film is based on, Tom and Nicola Ray, arrived at the Photo call. They looked really happy to be there after all the suffering they have been through.  When being interviewed Tom gave us a sweet and touching account on how his wife gave him the strength to return back to his life and face people, you could see all their feelings through their eyes. Tom says the film is a tribute to women and carers in the whole country.

I am so grateful of the achievements of this woman. She drove ten thousand miles to see me in hospital, every day, every day, coming back. She gave me strength to go back home.

We got goosebumps when Tom uttered these words referring to his wife Nicola Ray, who helped him come back to his family and struggling really hard throughout her husband’s illness.

Producer, actors and actresses started to arrive. We had the pleasure to talk with the producer Pippa Cross who gave us such a fantastic account of how she felt when she read the emotional script.  We  also met the actress Michele Dotrice who told us she brought some tissues in her handbag.

Director, Bill Clark explained us why he created a drama and a drama instead of a documentary. He wanted to show the world the full expression of the pain Tom has been through and how he overcame it.

Director Bill Clark

Main characters, Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt came to answer a couple of questions for us. Joanne said she felt really proud of being part of this story both as actress and executive producer.

In our opinion this premiere has been breathtakingly amazing. With the presence of Tom and Nicola made this premiere something very special.

Actor Tom Riley

We wish this film the best and from DRM we heartily recommend you to watch it.

You can watch the interviews in their entirety on Videoplugger Youtube Channel.

Starfish will be in theaters from the 29th of October.

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